Started in 1998, the Monmouth Ocean Chapter proudly represents the AAPC members of the Jersey Shore. 

Its simple beginnings consist of a handful of AAPC members huddled around a conference table at a doctors’ lounge in the local hospital.  The main goal was how to start a chapter and attract more members.  This was a time when coding certification was new and less accessible, a time without social media and cell phones.  How do you communicate the AAPC mission and facilitate its growth?

With sheer tenacity and determination, the organization grew to what it is today.  With more than 400 members, the mission continues.  From the doctor’s lounge to the auditorium, moved the venue to accommodate monthly meetings and yearly events.  Half day seminars were added and the Annual NJ Coder’s Day made its debut in 2006.  The chapter was chosen as AAPC Chapter of the Year 2015.

In 2018, the Monmouth Ocean Chapter celebrates its 20th year.  Committed to continually becoming a better version of itself from each previous year defines the fortitude that fuels this group of coders from the Jersey Shore.

"We heart fully thank each and every member of our chapter.  You have contributed to this milestone, one way or another.  We also salute all the chapters in the AAPC organization for their efforts to support the professional advancement of medical coders and all AAPC members.  We recognize and are grateful for your hard work and commitment."

-Monmouth Ocean Chapter Officers

Thank you to our 14th Annual Coders' Day Conference Platinum Sponsor







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AAPC Chapter Mission Statement
• Promote and advance the mission of AAPC
Provide an educational forum for AAPC members to receive CEUs at little to no cost.
Proctor AAPC certification examinations
Establish an environment where less experienced members may interact, learn and be mentored by those members with more experience
Offer an opportunity for professional growth and recognition of AAPC members